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Our mission

At RONARY, we aim to empower Notaries and their clients by equipping them with comprehensive all-in-one remote online notarization platform.

Modern solution that

changes the idea of


In our fast-paced society ideas and norms are constantly evolving, so did traditional notarization. At RONARY we believe in convenient and reliable way of doing business. With that in mind, our team created all-in-one Remote Online Notarization Platform for notaries with high standards and expectations.
Iren Kovalli

Ronary Team

RONARY is backed by young professionals with experience in leadership, law and technology.

Jason B. Giller
Jason B. GillerLegal Expert
Anatoli Koval
Anatoli KovalCo-Founder
Andrei Avornic
Andrei AvornicIT Developer

Our Team is dedicated to continue improving RONARY platform by providing excellent service for notaries and their clients.