Reasons To Get RON Certified Today

May 25, 2022 | Reading time: 4 min

Do you value your professional time and would like to use it more efficiently? Is your notary business in decline because of the current state of market? Are you looking for a way to grow your clientele exponentially without the heightened risks? As a commissioned Florida notary public there are many different reasons to consider Remote Online Notarization.


Let us present a government-approved and specially created by notaries for notaries Ronary Certification Course along with 4 reasons why you should apply for RON certification today.



It saves you time. Did you know that with Ronary the process of notarization is expedited from days to just under 15 minutes? You don't have to adjust entire schedules to find an appointment time that works for everyone, plan hour-long visits with clients, drive to and from your work office, or file and process handwritten documentation anymore. All you need is a few minutes of spare time - and Ronary will take care of the rest.



It gives you clients. Your clients can now notarize documents anywhere through live video and audio conferencing. Studies have shown that 4 in 9 Americans actually prefer remote notarization services, and that was before the worldwide implementation of social distancing policy that followed the Covid-19 pandemic. Ronary allows you to not only serve your existing clients within the state, but to also find new customers who prefer remote business interactions and expand your clientele pool nationwide without the need or expense of travel.



It makes you mobile. Unlike regular notaries who have specific working hours, Ronary makes notary services available 24/7. With this app installed on your device, you can now perform notarizations on-the-go or without ever leaving the comfort of your own home - the choice is entirely yours. Even more so, Ronary provides you with a free eJournal, a protected digital storage within the app. No more need to carry around bulky external drives or purchase separate cloud storages!



It keeps everything safe. With digital identity proofing, credential analysis performed by an independent third party, and rigorous security and validation protocols, Ronary significantly reduces the risks of identity fraud. Ronary is designed with an understanding of notarial laws and regulations of the state and is constantly updated to remain in compliance with Florida Statutes on RON policies. The recorded audio-video sessions along with the documents, files, and logs are safely stored within Ronary eJournal that you will have unrestricted access to at all times.



Ronary is a government-accredited education program that grants you the freedom to decide not only how you want to conduct your business, but to choose when and where as well. All that is keeping you from uncovering the unlimited and invaluable possibilities for professional growth is a 2-hour training course that is one click away.


Don't miss the opportunity to become RON certified with Ronary today!




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