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How long does it take to perform an online notarization?

Once the online notarization video session begins, the whole process takes less than 10 min.

What is an e-Journal?

It is a secure storage of journals and recordings. Every online session is recorded using audio-video technology and being automatically saved in the e-Journal.

Can I use Skype or FaceTime to perform online notarization?

No, such apps do not meet the requirements set by Florida Statutes for performing online notarization.

Can my client get a wet signature while using RON?

Unfortunately, there is no way to combine online with traditional notarizations. We recommend your client to go forward with a traditional notarization if the company that requested a wet signature does not embrace the legal and secure technology methods. With RON session, all signatures are electronic and have the same value as wet signatures.

What technology do I need to perform RONs in Florida using RONARY?

Remote Online Notary Public will need a smart phone or tablet with camera and microphone and secure connection to the internet.

Can Florida remote Notaries perform notarizations while physically located in a different state?

While Signers and Witnesses can be located anywhere in the United States, Notaries must be physically located in their commissioning state of Florida during the notarial act.

Can I supply my own witnesses for an online notarization?

Yes. However, each witness must have an unique email address and a mobile device or tablet with an operating microphone and camera.

How long is my remote online notary registration valid for?

The registration will run simultaneously with your existing notary public commission and will expire on the same day as your notary commission.

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